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Eliminate Congressional Pay for only one term of service

It costs taxpayers millions of dollars and directly contributes to the vast national debt and corruption of all political figures to allow them to vote for their own pay raises and to receive retirement after serving only two to four years in any office under the privilage as being a representative of the people along with having exclusive health care not afforded to any other citizen. Full retirement benefits should be stripped from all members and only allowed in a partial pay of a certain percentage based on what they served (just like the military returement system), pay capped and have increments fairly related to economy standards with pay no more than the average american standard (we are not paying them to make them rich, only to do a job they volunteered for) and have that directly related to the debt of the state and federal system they represent. If they do a bad job they get a bad paycheck. Pay system should be set up like Military and DoD civilian pay chart system voted on by public. They should also have health care switched to Tricare and make it the universal health care. If it is approved to be worthy of the military members, then it worthy of congress. Any extra cosmetics or items not crucial should be paid out of members pocket and not the taxpayer's.The millions this will immediately save should be put to all National Debt to be paid off and then to the promotion of small businesses and debt of average americans that was accrued due to the mismanagement of said Congress members. That will fix the U.S. budget, jumpstart the economy, elimate wasteful spending, and stop political gains over national interest. If this recieves the most votes, it can not be ignored.



Idea No. 7221