Legislative Branch

Eliminate Congressional Lifetime Salary

Congressmen refuse to be held to a higher standard, and as such, they should not and usually are not. Therefore, they should earn their salaries and retirement as every red-blooded American currently does - work 20/30 years before they are eligible to receive any REDUCED retirement annuity benefits (50 - 80%) as do all red-blooded Americans currently do. No average American receives his ENTIRE current salary for having just worked 3 - 6 years! It is unconscionable for Congressmen to have VOTED themselves what amounts to similar conduct that historical crooked politicians engaged in - common theft of the American public's tax coffers. Congressmen should not be receiving “a salary for life” unless they worked for it, as all average red-blooded Americans do!


Additionally, Congressmen should be on the same Federal Health Insurance program as are current government employees, and Congressmen should not have VOTED themselves a separate continuous Health and Life insurance policy that taxpayers are also paying for. In this manner, individuals running for Congressional office will be more about the work they are supposed to dedicate themselves to and not just about the perks and the mentality of “what’s in it for them.”



Idea No. 11285