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Social Security Administration

Eliminate Business Cards

There is no need to waste paper and spend money on business cards for government employees. For example, management receive printed business cards with their titles. Most of these individuals communicate with other members of the management or employees in various Departments within the Agnecy. As an SSA employee, I can obtain contact information in Outlook (for official business communication) or via Intranet. Also, these individuals receiving the cards often change their positions or move to a new area. Then these get re-printed. These are not business cards to hand out to the public. Any contact with the public has to be made via phone or internet. So, why do we continue to print these business cards? I realize SSA works with the visually impaired community to provide jobs and skills. I also realize this may not cost as much, but even small amount can make a difference. There really is no need for the business cards in the electronic world of e-mails, internet, blackberries. It is a service that can be eliminated.



Idea No. 4359