Social Security Administration

Eliminate Automated Publications to SSA Facilities

Thousands of SSA facilities receive a variety of publications that are not read or used. To reduce costs associated with producing these documents, FedEx shipping charges, and to reduce waste, begin eliminating certain automated paper publications to SSA facilities. (Examples: Annual Statistical Supplement to the Social Security Bulletin (200+ pages), SSI Annual Statistical Report (75 pages), and Social Security Programs Throughout the World: Asia and the Pacific (113 pages).

Included the one-page Social Security Publication factsheets. (Units of 100). Offices receive at least 50 types of factsheets in which much of the supply is not fully exhausted. To organize these factsheets in a field office is time consuming and are frequently outdated because employees and managers do not have the time to update their stock.

The solution would be to create a central website where they can be viewed on-line. The SSA Publications Catalog could be used as the platform . PDFs or other file types should be listed for on-line viewing. Similar to the Forms Information and Control System (FICS): . The organization of the site would need to be easy to locate publications. Header examples: Retirement, Disability, Medicare, etc. Similar to our SSA public site

The website should include a “subscribe” feature that will automatically send an email to the SSA employee or manager when a new publication is available. Also, include a feature that allows emailing the publication to the member of the public seeking the information. We have the “Public Information Request System” as part of eMailer 2.0 http://s65dv71/emailerver2/index.cfm however there are only a limited number of publications included.

Lastly, create a workgroup that would review all forms and publications automatically delivered to offices and consider adding to the central website.



Idea No. 11900