Department of Defense

Eliminate 16th Weather Squadron

The 16th Weather Squadron was reactivated in 2009 under the 2nd Weather Group, Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA). It is currently performing duplicate duties and tasks which is wasting goverment funds and personnel. This squadron is replicating work that is already under contract, paid for, and out in the field and under continuous development. Not only are they replicating existing paid for functionality, they have not even completed any of their projects. The contract is many years down the road and well advanced in the software they've created. The 16WS has rewritten their same code several times as they can't even master what the contract has already created. Not only are they duplicating effort when it relates to work already accomplished, their function also recreates work that is already being accomplished at other squadrons (specifically the operational weather squadrons) for the last 10+ years. They lack any knowledge of what the other squadrons have already accomplished and when it is indicated they are recreating existing code that has been in use (and continuosly upgraded) for years they still push ahead to rebuild that which is already built! Any extra benefit that the 16WS may have provided, could have easily been accomplished by existing squadrons and functions.



Idea No. 5900