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It would save considerable money if all General Counsel offices across the federal government stopped using printed refernece materials. These are all available electronically -- both the most up-to-date versions and prior versions. In order to allow attorneys the portability of a book, however, one option would be to purchase several e-reader devices (such as a Kindle, Nook, or something similar) that would have subscriptions to relevant legal publications. These would allow attorneys to virtually "mark up" text as they might with a physical book -- adding electronic tabs, notes, highlights, etc.


Not only would the federal government save money by eliminating the cost of updating hundreds of thousands of volumes of books (in printing, purchase, and shipping costs), but there would also be a savings of time (in that personnel would not have to replace pocket parts) and space (in that large areas would no longer be devoted to housing books that are rarely used). This would allow for better allocation of space for more personnel, etc.

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