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Electronic Workflow - Yes, This Includes You Accounting!

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Given both the volume of transactions and logistical challenges inherent in the movement of paper forms through the Government, the Government should implement Electronic Workflow. Electronic Workflow will allow users to request business transactions and have them routed for review and approval based on the agency's policies and procedures.

The system can be configured to determine the approval path based on attributes of the transaction (such as COTR process, etc.) no one has to remember or determine the next approval stop to which the transaction should be routed. Visibility to status could be available to anyone in the approval cycle. In addition, because workflow origination process can be pre-populated with existing data and subject to stringent edit checks, the quality of information is greatly improved and the average processing time from request to update in the official records is significantly reduced.


Text adapted from original work

Matthews, Lester K., Jim Sauceman, and Richard Smith. "Using Electronic Workflows to Reduce Processing Time and Prevent Errors." Web. 26 July 2011.

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