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Electronic Tracking of Hardcopy Files at the "hands on" level

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Electronic file tracking needs to go beyond the "production" level. I.e. its great that the supervisors and managers can check a database to see where a file is in order to make production reports --- however, this does not help the employees who physically touch the file.


This creates serious blind spots in security, accountability and also pay roll. In the event that a file is "lost," not only is there a security issue --- but also, overtime hours are needed in order to "find" the file.


This is all avoided by using a file tracking system at the "hands on" level. I have been an employee at my agency for about a month nad helped to create such a system using current MS office softward.


The end result was 100% visibility of all files at the hands on level which means: increase efficiency, productivity, and no extra man hours in order to locate "lost" files.


This is also the first step towards converting to paperless.

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