Department of Defense

Electronic Medical records

I think we should track records like banks track money. Each branch should be given a routing number, and each medical facility should be given account numbers. The account numbers should be given based of the facilities respective branch (1-Army 2-Marines 3 AF, etc,etc). All paperwork should be electronically filed, and only printed at the members request on an as needed basis (at a small fee). This could save money and time. Medical records are misplaced/lost in which new records have to be created. This essentially hurts the member/manpower if they have a serious issue. Without a history, it becomes difficult to fix an issue which could delay the member from returning to duty. Records are copied at the members request when (s)he retires. This could take up to 500 sheets of paper assuming the member has only one record. If we had 3,000,000 people in the miilitary (active and reserve), and it costs essentially 2.50 per copied record, we could esssentialy spend $7.5 million. Lest not forget the fact that a member may have more than one record, and there is also dental records. We need to change with the times to keep our military fit and ready for duty.



Idea No. 7650