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Office of Personnel Management

Electronic Leave Request system

I propose the development of an electronic leave request system. Most, agencies use some version of OPM’s form 71 for leave. A high percentage of our employees are in the 6 or 8 hours/pay period category for annual leave, which leads to a LOT of leave usage just to avoid use-or-lose status. I don’t have access to agency-wide statistics, so I’ve generated an estimate based on the breakdown at my location. Out of 241 current employees on our rosters, roughly 10% are in the 4 hour category, 86% are in the 6 hour category, and about 4% are in the 8 hour category. Expanding these numbers across the 45,000 employees in my agency results in the following data:

(4) 4,500 employees, 58,500 workdays/year

(6) 38,700 employees, 774,000 workdays/year

(8) 1,800 employees, 46,800 workdays/year

Total – 879,300 workdays of annual leave generated across the agency


Sick leave is set regardless of time in service, resulting in 585,000 workdays per year generated. Locally we use at least 2-3 sheets of paper per leave request – one goes to payroll and one goes to the employee’s personnel file, while employees have the option of getting a third copy for their own records. Applying that logic across the board results in somewhere between 2 and 3 million forms being used each year. If we develop an electronic system for requesting and approving leave, the potential savings in paper and ink/toner are considerable, while also increasing processing efficiency and reducing the potential for lost paperwork.


Recommended features:

•Accessible by all employees

•Submitting a leave/overtime request generates an approval request to Supervisor/Manager

•Approving requested leave generates notification to requesting employee, Supe, Scheduler, and local payroll staff

•Generates a calendar displaying all pending and approved leave.

•Reverse functionality for call-ins, allowing Supe/POC to generate a leave request form, sending signature request to the officer in addition to the above notification chain



Idea No. 11977