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Electronic Fax

Agencies should utilize electronic fax in order to capitalize on the convenience of e-mail and the widespread availability of the internet in an effort to reduce costs. By using electronic fax, agencies will be able to eliminate the need for and the cost of a fax machine, as well as the associated costs (ink, paper, etc.)


How does it work? You get a fax number that is linked to your e-mail account so that you may send and receive faxes as e-mail attachments. To the person that is faxing to you, it is the same process as a regular fax. A number is dialed and the fax is transmitted. However, the fax is converted to a digital file and sent to your e-mail as an attachment, thus, eliminating paper and ink usage. These digital faxes can then be easily saved or forwarded if there is a need.

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Idea No. 103