Department of Veterans Affairs

Electronic FOIA

Since we are already preparing the Veterans “Claim files” for copying when requested, why not scan the file instead. Scanned files can be put into virtual temporary folders then saved as a PDF on CD’s. The 2 directions you can use this is once the files has been scanned you can keep 1 disk in a protective envelope with the date scanned to keep in the “C-file”. File the CD down in date order for future use when d1bc (rating) goes paperless most of the files will have been scanned this will create less work in the future and the savings on the hiring contractors to get the files in order could be eliminated. The 2nd disk can be mailed directly to the person requesting the (Freedom Of Information Act) F.O.I.A. Costs for CD's are very inexpensive. Elimination of the paper copies could possibly save MILLIONS each year in postage, envelopes, and paper. The electronic age is here and we are wasting valuable resources, and we already have the equipment up and running.

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