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Electronic Calendars - No Paper Calendars - $ave MILLIONS

SAVE at least $3.7 million - Employees with computers should have to use the e-calendar built into MS Office or their system's equivalent, (MACs have iCal). If only 1/2 the Federal employees have a desk calendar costing $2.68 or more, the annual cost for calendars is at least $3,783,861 nationally.


The 2009 Census Bureau indicates there were 2,823,777 full and part-time Federal employees.


If every employee who has a computer with Microsoft Office/MS Exchange was required to use the electronic version of the calendar in Outlook or other web-based calendars, the federal government could save millions. This could be considered a “green” initiative.


Employees requiring a paper calendar to perform their job could request an exception to policy, or they could buy their own calendar.


Electronic Calendars can be shared at nearly the speed of light. Paper calendars can be physically circulated at the speed of interoffice mail or at a location people have to walk to.


Note that GSA has calendars ranging in price from $2.29 to $150.22.


Electronic calendars allow for Shared calendars, which have been demonstrated as allowing for improved efficiency of an organization. People can cooperate more effectively when they can find time for each other. If you need to know what is on a person's schedule, or have to setup a meeting as soon as a group of people is all available, shared calendars can save time and money.



Example: Microsoft Outlook


GSA website for paper calendars-



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