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A while ago Keesler AFB implemented CWS, also called down fridays, in order to save on electrical costs. How it works is that every other Friday all clinics in the hospital are closed down and the work day is extended from the average M-F 0700-1600 to M-F 0700-1700 and M-F 0700-1700 every other week. The only work stations that are not effected by this schedule change were, the Inpatient Units, The E.D., and the Lab. If it were implemented CONUS Air Force wide it could help to save a large amount of electricity.


Another Idea is turning off all lights and computers in sections of the hospital that are not in operation during the weekend as well as adding in light switch panels in order to minimize light useage in hospital hallways on weekends and to install motion sensors to be able to maximize lighting in areas that are in use at the time.


For example, having every other light off in a hallway. In the event that someone is traversing the hallway on a weekend when the lights are halved, a motion sensor activates the lights for that hallway until no movement is sensed for 3 Minutes or so.

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