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Election Day a National Federal Holiday

The USA is a Republic. However, on Election Day the citizens of this country have to find time before or after work in order to exercise their right to vote. Citizen’s work schedules may make it difficult to near impossible for them to make it to polling stations during the specified voting times, and missing work to vote is oftentimes frowned upon by employers (not openly, of course) . Shouldn’t something that is considered one of the fundamental pillars this country was built upon, be renowned as something sacred?


Election Day should be a national holiday for several reasons. To pacify the needs of the program I would point to the energy savings (HVAC, lights, etc.) by many federal and private facilities that would be closed. We would also incur environmental savings. The benefits of less vehicle pollution, traffic congestion, etc. would reduce our carbon footprint as a nation, ensuring future generations can enjoy the many natural beauties we enjoy today.


However, the most important reason Election Day should be a Federal Holiday is because if we claim to be a “government of the people by the people and for the people” then the people should be given the liberty to vote. Election Day should be celebrated as Holiday-not just for what it stands for, but for the people who gave their lives, and for those who are fighting for this right around the world today.


Thank you for your consideration.

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