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Efficient & Sanitary Washrooms Save Water, Electricity, & Trees

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The following suggestion can be applied to all washrooms in buildings owned and rented by the federal government:

All washrooms should be equipped with low-water usage toilets and urinals. Toilets should have different flow levels for solid and liquid waste. No-water (dry) urinals should be used where feasible. Faucets/taps should be fitted with water aeration filters to reduce water usage. Faucets/taps should shut off automatically to prevent waste. Lights should have motion detectors so that they dim automatically when no one is in the washroom. Lights should automatically turn off after midnight. Energy efficient lighting (LED and CFL) should be used. Washrooms should provide anti-bacterial gel that dries in the air, reducing the need for paper towels. Washrooms should also be equipped with electric hand dryers. To improve sanitary conditions, faucets/taps should have foot pedals to turn them on, and doors should have foot pedals to open them, thus reducing the transmission of germs among employees, which will in turn reduce the occurrences of illnesses among employees and the average amount of sick leave taken.

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