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Many Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees, such as CBP officers, Border Patrol agents, etc., are allotted $800 per year for uniform items. While $800 may be appropriate for newly hired employees that must purchase an initial cache of uniform items, this amount is excessive for more tenured employees. CBP employees with more than two years of service, for example, do not require $800 every year to maintain a cache of uniform items.


Efficiency Review Idea: Reduce the amount of funding allocated to uniformed CBP employees with more than two years of service to $300. This will result in a savings of $500 per uniformed employee and translate to a savings of approximately $17,862,500 if implemented across CBP.[1] The amount saved could be increased by examining the uniform funding practices of other DHS components and adjusting as needed.


Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dr. Ian B. Cole

Chief CBP Officer


[1] Based on December 2010 data obtained from the Office of Personnel Management, which indicated there are 35,725 CBP employees in the 1800 occupation series and have more than two years of service.

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