Department of Education


I strongly believe the education reforms that are implemented nationwide are wasteful. The schools are scrutinized by the students test scores, which are not working. Schools are prepping students to take exams, memorization and not enough of thinking skills, writing skills, etc...during the 70's we didn't have state tests to evaluate us, and the country was performing at a higher level than the children now. The time, effort, money that goes into these new techniques is not sustainable. I suggest we go back to the basics, and start with discipline, accountability students grades, enforce the rules and laws, so the students are more responsible. New laws should be implemented for teachers, protecting them from violent and disruptive climate in class. These students should be held accountable and not be treated better, because laws protect them. Having said this, I believe teaching will become an professional job and teachers will have esteem and produce better results because of these changes. Furthermore, funding and waste of funding will cease due to these changes in our educational system. This change needs to come from the top and rolled out to the states, etc....I hope someone can see this in a practical manner, and not envision something we cannot touch or see in a distance, that sounds great, but it is unrealistic what we are trying to do with our educational system. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts.



Idea No. 17911