Department of Homeland Security

Easy terminiation

It should be MUCH easier to fire employees (ALL employees) who do not perform their jobs as they should be performed. Nothing irritates me more than someone moving up a GS level because “their time is up” but are terrible employees. I think that if employees knew it was much easier to get canned they would be a bit more motivated to do their job. When you talk to someone from the street and mention Federal positions, their first reaction is “Yeah, must be a great job! They don’t work hard, get paid a lot, and never get fired!” Is this really what we want people to think about us? I think that these “performance appraisals” should have a lot more weight and our contracts should say right in bold print if your performance is unsatisfactory YOU’RE GONE! That’s how it works in the real world people. Crappy employees should not have a job! Especially in this economy, there are so many unemployed people because of a lack of jobs. What does this mean for business? Well it should be that we can be pickier in regards to continuing and hiring employees. Only the best of the best should be chosen to work for us. It just makes no sense that a hung over clerk who is sleeping under her desk in her office with the lights off takes two years to fire… it should instantaneous.



Idea No. 3300