Department of Veterans Affairs

Earnings and Benefit Information Sharing Between SSA and VA

According to, the Social Security Administration web site, there are 9.4 million Veterans who receive Social Security benefits.


Many Veterans receive pension (needs based), and not compensation, with the VA.


Many Veterans receive SSI (needs based), and not Social Security beneifts, with SSA.


There needs to be a monthly interface of earnings and benefit payment information between SSA and VA.


The Veteran may receive SSI, and report income for VA Pension purposes, but not call SSA.


The Veteran may receive pension, and report income for SSI benefit purposes, but not call VA.


The Veteran may not call either Agency to report a return to work, but the SSA Wage Verification program shows that he/she has returned to work.


The lack of interface creates overpayments, and cause a tremendous burden in the time it takes for the verification process.


Currently, the interface occurs yearly, after Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs) are made. By simply changing this yearly verification to monthly, millions of dollars will be saved per year in both agencies.


Millions of American Taxpayer dollars will be saved by doing this very simple adjustment of moving the earnings and benefit information verification from yearly to monthly.



Idea No. 15500