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Early Retirement/ Buy Outs

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The idea of early retirement, and establishing rules that could make taking an early retirement advantageous to the retiree, could save the government billions, even with the cash-incentive. You would save future salary and benefits, but you would also cut down on the number of employees accustomed to spending money "end of year", thereby reducing future budgets. You would also cut down on the number of employees, especially in the Farm Service Agency, accustomed to making bad and costly loan decisions, ones where farmers default, because these employees are accustomed to looking at the loan program as a way to "spread the wealth" in the community. Many loan decisions are made simply because people want to put money in the hands of the farmer, regardless of whether or not the farmer has a realistic chance of paying it back. This "old guard" mentality is very costly in ways I'm sure the agency has never examined. If Secretary Vilsack truly wants a "Cultural Transformation", start by examining and reforming the way the Farm Service Agency, as I'm sure many other agencies, spends money based on foolhearty notions like "wealth redistribution".

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