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ERP System Implementation for Required Sources of Supply

Less than a year ago I became a Federal Employee. Since that time I have unfortunately become accustomed to the extent at which the Federal Government’s systems are siloed. There seems to be lacking an over arching goal to network systems across the DoD or Federal Government as a whole. One networking initiative with potential for high cost savings would be the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that ties together all of the Required Sources of Supply that are referenced in FAR 8.002. These include Agency Inventories, Excess from Other Agencies, Federal Prison Industries, Ability One, Wholesale Supply Sources, Mandatory Federal Supply Schedules, and Optional Federal Supply Schedules. If an ERP system would tie these sources together, not only would it finally give agencies a place to advertise their excess supplies for other agencies to browse through but it would also eliminate the purchasing of resources that the government has already acquired (a huge cost savings). Another large benefit is that it would allow for fast and efficient search through those Required Sources of Supply thus saving labor hours of those in the contracting field. It could also have a significant advantage for our troops as commanders could have near instant access to inventories of resources (such as boots, gloves, night vision goggles) and then procure those resources while expediting shipping to the field. As collaboration and communication amongst organizations regarding their systems starts taking place, other projects should naturally start to the blossom. Ultimately the individual organizations’ silo’s will start breaking down and maybe then the government could finally start implementing systems projects that are on par with the private sector.



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