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Similar to rollover budget and end of year spending.


Every year with about 2-3 months left in the fiscal year, not just my Field Office, but I'm sure every agency within the U.S. Government spends the rest of their budget, out of fear of not getting the same amount or more money the following year, and I'm sure as a way to justify asking for more funding. Field Offices should be able to spend what they need to complete the mission, but should be scrutinized for negligent spending, and not punished for spending economically.



I think one way to chnge this is to, yes allow the left over funds to replace money that would have been given to the field office in the next fiscal year budget.


Second to encourage better spending, create an award/reward program for more economic spending by the different agencies/field offices. The individual officers/agents/employess may not care too much about the award, but I gaurantee that Directors of the various Government Field Offices will care when they start looking bad for erroneous and negligent spending.


If applied across all branches of government this could potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars per year. This projection is based on my field office spending 1-2 million dollars of overtime money, still left in the budget cap, in about one months time, the last 2 years consecutively, at the end of the fiscal year. Applied to hundreds of Government agencies and even more Field Offices could potentially be more.

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