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E2 - excessive charges & 2.5+ times the cost of market prices

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We are required to use the online travel system, E2 (Carlson Wagonlit), for all of our travel reservations and to submit vouchers. Not only are we required to pay higher costs for airline tickets than we could find ourselves online, there are fees for EVERYTHING. If something happens last minute you have to pay an exorbitantly high fee to call an agent to change the reservation. If you have to change it again for another reason you are charged again. If you book the reservations online yourself and then need help changing something you are charged a fee for the initial online booking and an additional fee for assistance from Carlson. The costs are exorbitant. I've personally had rental car costs 2.5 times higher through this system than what I could have gotten myself with a rental car agency asking for the government rate directly from them - same day, time, pick-up, drop-off, type of car, etc. This is crazy. We need to renegotiate the contract for E2 to bring the costs more in line with what can be found in the general marketplace.

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