Department of Defense

Durable Weapons Platform Replacement

As the military continues to trudge on with our war on terror, the burden and cost are rising. The weapons systems we have been using are patched and re-patched to keep them working. Some weapons are from the Vietnam era and continue to fail. Whether it’s training or real combat, our troops deserve a weapon/platform they can rely on. The Army is on its THIRD attempt to replace the M4 with another system. There are many companies (Like Leitner-Wise Defense, Inc.) who have been offering a cost effective, durable, upgradable long term solution but the government still won’t make a decision. We need a weapons system that will NOT fail the person using it, be completely adaptable to any situation, and be easily upgradeable to use new technologies and all the while being affordable. There are a few companies that have lead the way in this path and its time the government accepts the fact that unless we get rid of the old weapons that are getting people killed and costing hundreds of millions to keep "repairing", than we can NOT afford to get a system that will reset the balance. If we make the investment now, to get better platforms and use the old stock for law enforcement or allies, then we can help produce an outcome that is long-term and financially acceptable. We need to rely on the skills of the people who have the experience and ability to produce these systems and not simply the officer who has not been in combat or seen combat in their whole life. Sacrificing lives to save money is inexcusable.



Idea No. 3035