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Duplication of USAID 2012 savings proposal for CBP

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As stated in USAID 2012 propsal, DHS/CBP and all government agences should consider following their lead and implement the following: Reduction of office supply costs by incorporating limitation on printing and copying, in part by: 1) requiring duplex as the default setting on all network printers; 2) consolidating printers by reducing the number of local printers in favor of network printers; 3) standardizing the printer/copier fleet to control supply costs and ensure the acquisition of energy efficient models; and 4) setting the default in outlook to an ink-saving draft font. In addition, as normal replacement cycle for outdated equipment, where possible and cost-efficient, single function devices will be replaced by multi-function devices, resulting in improved management of office devices and supplies (toner, ink cartridges, paper and parts). [Taken from: 2012 Terminations, Reductions and Saving, Department of State & Other International Programs.]

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