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Don't Cut Military Spending, Just Spend Wiser

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Instead of cutting money to the military, quit paying extremely high retention bonuses. For a new person to enter the Navy, for example, there is a sign on bonus of at $2000 and some even get $25,000 depending on their ASVAB scores. After getting into the military, those with specialized rates are being given at most a $75,000 bonus. Most get a $25,000 bonus. If they joined the military as a volunteer and the job is as exciting as they thought it was as when they joined, they will stay for rest of the time. Take those bonuses and put it toward the health care expenses for the military. Raise the interest to stay with the VA after getting out. Enforce the $12 co-pay at the hospitals while on active duty and quit taking money from the retired military by raising their rates at hospitals. The retired military didn't get a pay raise for the last three years, but the expenses keep going up and the retired are the first to feel the pain. Ask the active duty members to front some of the expenses also, as they will need to know what to expect when they retire.

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