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Document retires knowledge of the Computer System for New hires.

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We know there has been lots of people’s retiring from all departments. Since I joined IRS late September 2010, I have seen over 6 people retire in my Branch only, out of 60 people and only 1 or 2 people were hired/transferred in. There are still people on my Branch which will be retiring soon.


The knowledge gained by the retired or about to retire (worked for 20 to 35 years) is valuable (should be documented) and will help the existing employees, future new hires and transferred employees. I have seen these kinds of situation were the prime application developer leaves and there was no backup person to take over and the system had to be scaled down or canned.


My idea is to have one person hired (Technical Writer) in the Division to technically document the computer systems thoroughly with the help of all the senior members of the computer system team. It will make the manager confident about their systems and other developers more involved in maintaining the system.


This kind of technical computer system manual will help everyone in the branch to understand the computer systems, which will save time if something needs to change. By having technical computer system manual will save dollars by making branch more efficient to enhance the system.

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