Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Dispurse some lower Federal Government Units away from DC

Do not let Federal Government physically grow much larger in Washington, DC area. Over a period of time, as the federal government grows, keep dispursing some lower level units to nice desirable areas with much lower building rent and operation cost in the states. Each department would submit a plan on how this might be accomplished for their organization over a long period. Rent and building cost is very high in DC area and it continues to add to congestion and traffic and extra overall cost to federal budget. With modern data communications, web meetings, e-mail, texting, etc. high-level management and inter-group communication can be accomplish from a distance (how many times have you e-mailed a co-worker forty feet away??!!). When travel is needed, the cost would still be much less than the cost of continued grow in the DC area. This idea is not for a sudden movement of offices, but a carefully planned slow decentralization of many subunits. It would help unemployment in the states and save money overall.



Idea No. 5589