Social Security Administration

Discontinue automatic shipments of forms and pamphlets

Dated 7/29/11: Yesterday, a case containing 2,000 SSA-827 (Authorization to Disclose Information) forms was automatically shipped to our office in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. Our stockroom already had 16,700 forms in boxes and additional 47 100-ct packages. After adding another case of 2,000 SSA-827 forms, the new total is now 18,700. If each one-page form cost $0.015, the total cost of 18,700 forms is $280.50. That's just 1 office. There are about 1,300 field offices nationwide. In theory, if each of 1,300 offices has $280.50 worth of SSA-827's, that is $364,650 wasted because it is online to be printed out. If we have to mail a claimant that form, we can just go online to retrieve it, print it and mail the copy to the claimant. How many employees will remember to find and use the leftover paper SSA-827s? Now it is going to cost a minimum of $20an hour to have an employee recycle the leftover forms. You are looking at labor costs. (We are not being paid to recycle papers.) If it takes 1/4 hour to recycle, say, 15,000 forms, it will only cost $5 (1/4 of $20). If each of 1,300 offices did the same, labor would be $6,500 (or more). Our stockroom also has 302 copies of "2011 RED BOOK" usually handed out at health fairs, presentations and training programs. They are also online. Soon the 2012 editions will be out, meaning that all 302 copies of 2011 editions will be recycled. Last week, we received a case of those books (automatic shipment). In theory, if they each cost $2 then $604 worth of those books are recycled. If each of 1,300 offices did the same, that's $785,200 wasted. If we add the aforementioned $4 in labor to recycle 302 outdated RED BOOKs and then add 1,300 offices, the total spent is again $5,200. Let's add up all the figures wasted or spent. Total: $1,161,550 or more! STOP THE AUTOMATIC SHIPMENTS! LET EACH FIELD OFFICE DECIDE ON WHAT THEY NEED! WE ARE ONLINE! SAVE MONEY, SAVE PAPERS, SAVE OUR TREES!



Idea No. 15468