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Department of Justice

Deportation for Federal illegal inmates

Each day, American tax payers pay approximately $62.01 per federal inmate, 45,400 in which are illegal immigrants, the majority being from Mexico. Now, let’s also keep in mind that most sentences imposed are five to ten years which will equate to tax payers spending $1,027,567,710 (one billion twenty-seven million five hundred sixty-seven thousand seven hundred ten) per year. That is just for illegal immigrants and this does not include taking care of all of their medical needs. I feel this is getting out of control and we are wasting billions each year on illegal immigrants, non-law abiding at that. The top three crimes which are being sentenced in the Federal System are drug offenses (101,601) at 50.9%, weapons, explosives and arson (30,325) at 15.2% and immigration (23,101) at 11.6%. So they are coming in this Country illegally and causing harm to others in this Country and being handed three meals a day, free medical care, free clothing and much more. I would like to see the American people save over one billion dollars a year of the hard working, tax paying, American people and use it to pay down our deficit and rebuild this Nation.



Idea No. 12030