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Deployment Gear Shift

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Far too many military members are sent on deployments with inadequate gear. Far too many people volunteer to be deployment managers and have NO experience with the equipment they order or even know how to use it. The programs need people who are familiar with current needs, know the good/bad of the gear and are ordering the best equipment at the lowest price. We have troops being sent overseas with old m16 magazines that are TAPED together because they did not want to buy new ones. These little money problems are costing our troops their lives. Not to mention the body armor that falls apart, the knock off camelbacks that melt, clothing that falls apart, flashlights that don’t work, weapons that won’t fire and gear bags that tear apart. We need a program that actually tests all the equipment that is needed on a deployment BEFORE it is allowed to be purchased for use. That means the person running the deployment program can not be a lazy service member who spends more time on their couch than doing physical activities. It is common knowledge that deployer’s will arrive at their deployed location and literally throw away half of the items that were issued to them because they won’t work. Then, the unit in the field has to order better equipment for them just so they can do their job and try to survive the deployment. The training some people get is bad enough, don’t give them crappy equipment on top of it. The program needs to be held accountable for the lack of planning and stop just allowing anyone with rank to run the program. Quality gear saves lives and money vs quantity of poor gear that kills.

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