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Department of Technology Utilization - It Will Come Eventually!!

Problem: The underlying problem is lack of Technology Utilization. Technology exists on every Government computer with functionalities, features, capabilities, and tools that are not being utilized and therefore the return on investments in Technology is low. Most end-users of technology are not technology experts and therefore do not realize the full capabilities in order to perform their functions efficiently with the tools they already have.


Technology Utilization is something that will happen eventually government-wide no matter what. It is only a matter of what President of the United States will be the first to recognize this need, take the lead, and do something about it. Redundancy and inefficiencies of an exponential magnitude exist where they otherwise would not because there is no mechanism within Government dedicated solely to the mission of ensuring all currently available technology is being utilized to its’ fullest potential. This problem is not related to the systems, hardware, or software itself, but rather the failure of end-users to fully utilize what technology is currently available at any given time.


Conceptual framework for Technology Utilization centers on principles ensuring user friendly, dynamic, forward-thinking solutions designed to function even without knowledge held by the creator of such solutions.


Proposal: Create the US Department of Technology Utilization and mandate each Government agency implement an “Office of Technology Utilization” whose primary function is to ensure all teams utilize available technology to its’ fullest potential and leverage capabilities available to reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, automate functions eliminating human error, and ease the process of gathering scattered data to a central location for Reports, Internal Audits, Budget Planning, etc.. A secondary goal: Ensuring data entry, manipulation, and sharing is not redundant, incoherent, disconnected, or convoluted due to lack of connectivity.

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