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Department of Defense

Department of Defense Consolidation

Warfare is changing and we are currently acting like the British did during our Revolutionary war, claiming that the enemy is "cheating" by not playing by the same rules of engagement as we do. For this reason, we need to change the way we fight our enemies. One major step would be to merge the R&D and Logistics of all services into one DoD-level service. Then we can truly look at redundant systems, obsolete systems and different systems used by different services to perform the same mission. In other words, the US DoD should only have one kind of fighter jet, one kind of tank, one kind of howitzer, etc. This will greatly reduce the amount of logistics footprint as well as save on the development of systems no longer needed in our current conflicts and allow R&D to focus on transforming our future capabilities to both keep our competitive advantage and remove our Soldiers from direct conflict through the use of remotely operated systems.



Idea No. 4806