Department of Defense

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Training Spending

The Defense Acquisition University has revamped all of their DAWIA certification requirements for the Upcoming Fiscal Year. The issue here is that any government employee already working towards a certification will have to retake several courses, rather then continue along the same program. For example, if an employee is currently working towards a Level II Contracting Field, but is only missing one class for certification, they must go back into new Level I classes, to be eligable for the new Level II classes that have been created. This will cost taxpayers thousands upon thousands of dollars for travel and training to essentially retread the same training as a year ago. A revision to this situation which at the very least used a class competency testing, as is the case at Regular accredited Universities, would save the Taxpayer a great deal over the next Fiscal Year and the upcoming few years as Government Employees achieve the training necessary to perform our contracting jobs.



Idea No. 4695