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Decrease Disability Eligibility/Increase Contribution to Society

There are over 8 million persons receiving SSI with over $4.3 billion spent in just the month of June 2011. This seems excessive. I don't mind helping support someone that is doing their upmost to help themselves. It seems perhaps too many people qualify to receive SSI benefits. I suggest relooking at the qualifications including limiting disabilities to a smaller number of situations (perhaps not including self perpetuated incidents (overweight so heart problems and such, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc)) and being more strict on and requiring the person to do their upmost to be a contributor to society (job, volunteer, etc). We need to encourage them to be a worthwhile part of our society and that they have something to add by being there. Being disabled doesn’t justify not providing any value to the society that is helping fund their lifestyle.


SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.

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