Department of Agriculture

Decentralize offices from Washington DC

While there are some positions which can benefit from being physically in the capital, most positions can be moved outside of DC to increase knowledge, productivity and save cost. Currently the trend in DC is to accept a position, work there for short period and then move on to another job. This revolving door tendency creates a lack of knowledge about the current agency and does not motivate one to become vested in the agency when the next job is right around the corner. People move into the job, spend a year being trained / learning the ropes, and then have 1 foot out the door waiting for the next opportunity. With so much movement it’s hard to gain an agency specific knowledge about how things work, what hasn’t worked in the past and build relationships with others in the agency.


There are many more reasons to decentralize including operations in case of a disaster, teleworking, etc. If someone could at least take a look and research the facts about work in DC vs. non-DC, it could potentially be a major cost savings while at the same time raising the quality of work done by the government.

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