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Dealing with Hot Flashes and Cold Flashes

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Can we have designated temperature zones at work places: These are real distractors at work. Ever noticed the space heaters at office.. and resulting double drain on power -one to run the AC and the other to keep the personal heater running.


With the cold air from the air conditioning running full blast, comes the misery for a few with genuine body temperature regulation issues. Some may have hypothyroidism. They usually survive among us with the heater warming their immediate space because the AC is understandably 'so cold'. Can we have designated zones at work places where the air temperature can be maintained warmer.


And then for those suffering from hot flashes - due to menopause, certain drugs like chemo, men being treated for prostate issues etc., can we have a zone with a colder temperature setting?


This way neither of the artificially created internal environment is uncomfortable. Or keep it at 70- 75 degrees?!

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