Legislative Branch

Database of Completed Studies

Honorable Members of House appear to not be aware of studies which have been completed on topics of interest and to justify the related costs to complete. Due to current housing crisis multiple studies are being completed or have been completed pertaining to the same topic. If the data of the completed studies is still relevant an additional study should not be completed. However, simple easy accessible database which would be able to house this study results is not established. This data base will be able to save millions of dollars in taxpaers funds, countless hours of governmental staff and legislators. The database should consist of the date completed, topics covered, who requested, justification of the study, agency jurisidcation, who completed, and the results. The results of the study would be a summary of the study and the full study. In addition, the database would become a historical record of all studies which are completed. Finally, the database would be a tremendous tool to be used for justification for study completion and comparison data. Prior to our honorable members of our legislative branch approving funding for sutdy completion, they would be able to access the database to see if a study was already completed and utilize those results for their proposals and actions.

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