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Data Center Manager Position Classification

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The Federal Government has undertaken the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative which seeks cost savings through consolidation and efficiency improvements. Data Centers account for huge energy consumption, and if not managed properly, can be serious energy abusers. Professional Data Center Managers are well versed in the problems data centers face, and are prepared to take action to improve efficiency and lower costs. However, USA Jobs does not list a classification for a data center manager. This job is frequently assigned as a collateral duty to a person who is not knowledgeable in the proper management of a data center. My suggestion is to get serious about data center management and create a federal job classification for a data center manager. Then require larger data centers to utilize the expertise of these individuals to lower costs, increase efficiency, and meet mission requirements. (Data Center Managers are also knowledgeable about the IT services for achieving the mission, as well as the facility services for doing it efficiently and cost effectively.) The Government needs to get the experts on board and begin to take Federal Data Center Management seriously.

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