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It is extremely unfair to everyone across the US to reduce our future retirement benefits because our President, Senators, and Congressman cannot quit spending money for stupid stuff! The Social Security Trust is supposed to be a a separate fund all together & no money is supposed to be taken out of it for other things but yet that has happened. If they want to take away things from hardworking Americans take away unemployment benefits for folks who have been receiving it for 3+ years (ridiculous!), wasteful spending, and programs that only serve a few. Stop paying Senators and Congressmen who are in jail and providing them with retirements after only serving one term. The regular US citizen would not get these privledges in the real world and neither should they. We are TIRED of the government taking away from the working class people and only making the rich richer. LISTEN TO US FOR A CHANGE! We all deserve to have our RETIREMENT BENEFITS PROTECTED FOREVER.

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