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DOD - How to Standardize Work Common to All Services

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Others have suggested we standardize processes and applications across DOD, such as software (4166), freeware (74), flash drives (1664), and business processes (6510). There is so much duplication across DOD on basic types of work, such as environmental and facility management, civilian personnel systems, accounting, emergency management, GeoBase, medical services, IT/communication software, depot/logistics systems, and so forth. In some Services, each installation had to come up with their own systems. Even making basic personnel data available to all who need the info for space management and the like has no standardization. And Joint Basing and other operations are just "eyewash".


1. Set up a 1-time DOD commission with an aggressive agenda and short schedule to deploy standard applications and procedures DOD-wide on these common areas.

2. Populate it with Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and industrial engineers, with far-reaching authority from the SecDef.

3. Have people compete to be on the team by offering an incentive of 0.1% of all savings as the "suggestion award" that the team splits upon completion.

4. Benchmark the existing applications already in use (down to installation level) and deploy them. Examples include Navy's GeoBase facility management system (EMS) and AF environmental systems.

5. At the end, move all standardizing functions to a DOD office such as the OSD office for future actions such as quickly approving version upgrades on COTS software such as MS Office. Eliminate similar functions at Service, Command, and installation levels.

This could easily reduce the DOD annual budget by 5% or more within 2-3 years.

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