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CONTENT:As of 1 Jan 2011, the addition of the CFR contains 910 pgs.;REASON:Non-usage or limited usage of the Hard Copy CFR bk. consists' of the foll.:(a)CFR is rarely read/used by the HRSC-NE empl.(b) CFR, DE is rarely used by the empl.(c)I've seen the bk in the trash, specifically during clean up day & w/ an activity move.(d)Every yr. we recv the bk, I hear empl commenting on what a waist it is of the distrib. of the CFR, because it is publ. on-line, so if the HR pers. needs' to look up a specific chpt of the CFR, they simply access the website.;BENIFITS TO HR PERS. VIEW. THE CFR VIA THE WEB: In addition to the CFR, the site contains issues prior to 1996;You can find issues of the CFR at a local Fed. depository libr.;The CFR is purchasable at a Secure Order. Prices range from $3.00-$68.00 that can be purchased at; Barnes&; Bks-A-Million. I notice that, I, nor other empl (survey conducted by me to internal HRSC-NE empl) don't use or have limited usage of the hard copy CFR bk (survey is avail. upon request.).I strongly believe that, based on the survey that I conducted to some of the internal HRSC-NE empl can help serve as a guide to make a determ. to discontinue the distrib. of the hard copy CFR's.Most of the HR public now access the CFR on-line. While regs req. that hard copies be avail., allowing recipients to opt-in for hard copy delivery could yield savings assoc. with printing, reprinting, wrapping, binding, distributing, postage, and labor costs. I could not locate the exact distrib. cost for the hard copy CFR, but, IAW the Amazon store the bk would be sold for 55% off of our $14.95 cover price ($6.72), & then the gov. recv. 70% of that amt ($4.71), min. returns, ship. costs, & the cost of money for the big print run, an approx. cost that the Fed. Gov.would be sav. for the cost of the distrib. of the CFR. If this sugg is impl., it may offer a reduction in the # of hard copies mailed, which may consist of roughly 200+ recipients of the CFR.

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