Department of Homeland Security

DHS-wide adoption of PIER system for public information

DHS should purchase a software license for PIER (public information for emergency response) System to serve the public information needs of the Department and all of its components, and, mandate the use of PIER by all component agencies in day-to-day and crisis response communications to achieve unity of effort and continuity of experience for our site visitors. While HHS, USCIS and the USCG already use PIER, contracting specilists within the department must write a minimum of 25 contracts or purchase agreements each year to meet the public information/communication needs of the department and its components. Adopting PIER Systems as the web-based communication tool of record for the Dept. and its components would ultimately save money through reduced contracting efforts, lowered cost, reduced training requirements and would improve efficiency and interoperability among public information/public affairs and governmental affairs officers throughout the department and its components, while at the same time improving customer service through delivery of similar news release products and consistent look/feel/function at the public information web sites. This would also reduce the Department's web presence.



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