Department of State

Cut spending

Let's start at the TOP - with the defense budget for instance - lots of pork fat there! Then let's move on to the salaries and benefits of our Congressmen and House of Reps and don't forget the Senators - a small pay cut wouldn't hurt them in the least and it's only fair that we ALL pitch in. Next let's extend the work age to 67 or maybe even 68, instead of mandatory retirement at 65, so that we baby boomers can continue working and putting money into the system instead of collecting social security, which is bankrupt I believe. Next let's cut some of the benefits that we give out so cavalierly- sorry but it's a cold HARD truth. It needs to stop. Then let's put some of the illegal workers on OUR system so they can at least pay taxes and pull their weight. If they're going to live here, they need to participate.



Idea No. 822