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Department of Defense

Cut niceties

For example, a co-worker recommended we send out our organization's information, to the 140+ personnel who were coming to visit, in an electronic document. Our leadership didn't like that idea and instead we spent more than $2,000 on organizational binders, not including the man-hours that went into creating the binders.


We shouldn’t be buying niceties when we are in debt, i.e., pretty pens with the government funds even though you can’t use them on official documents. Or have thousands of dollars of equipment just sitting around because the fall-out money. If you DON'T use it, you DIDN'T need it!!


Now, I know 2K is a drop in the bucket, but when most government agencies are taking part in this type of spending, the cost is enormous.


Leadership vehicles; they have their own personal cars. I know the reason why they have they, but they should be used for report to an emergency, not to a staff meeting. That will cut down on how much the Department of Defense spends on unleaded fuel. The vehicles do not need to be “upgraded” every few years. No luxury vehicles, we do not work for a fancy corporation.


Our government told our car industry to get their finances in order; cut the bonuses and luxury items, etc.

Our government should take its own advice and ask the car companies that bounced back what they did.



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