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Cut government regulations and bureaucracy

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Too many in the House, the Senate and the White House do not want to analyze the regulations they and their predecessors have written into law and make the tough decisions - STOP doing what doesn't work and wastes money, STOP doing frivolous things that causes businesses to raise the cost of business and stops them from expanding and hiring more people, STOP doing things that causes needless paperwork and time-consuming tasks that no one uses. It is long overdue to evaluate the regulations that have been written into law, and cut, cut, cut and simplify the regs to lift the burden that the federal government has levied on the people. This would cause $Billions of dollars to be saved by businesses and would cut $Billions of dollars in needless bureaucratic oversight and over-regulation that would lower the deficit. Stopping the gov in many areas would cut costs of governing. We don't need more ideas of raising revenues, but evaluations of existing ways of doing government and STOP those that are ineffective, no longer apply, no longer are needed, waste money, don't pass the common sense test, etc. Each bill that Congress writes should also include an analysis of its effects on business - how much will it cost a business to implement it? Is it worth it? How many jobs will it cost? Etc. Government is NOT the answer to every problem. Often the best thing the government can do is get out of the way (create incentives and eliminate gov bureaucracy) and let the people, businesses, volunteer organizations, charities roll up their sleeves and find the solutions that work.

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