Department of the Treasury

Cut Space Cost in Federal Buildings Within IRS

A number of employees elect to work situational flexi place which limits one to working 80 hours per month, versus occupational flexiplace which requires that they only report to the office approximately 2 days per month. I believe this is done in many instances to retain office space. My recommendation is to create rooms in Federal Buildings with mini-booths and lan lines for employees who work occupational flexiplace so that they have a place to work on the days the come into the office to drop off/pick up tax returns/mail, etc., or to meet with their manager. This will free up a number of work stations and offices across the country and will allow the Facilities Management Staff to consolidate space which would allow other IRS functions or other Federal Agencies to consilidate to specific buildings and possibly close down some of the Federal Buildings within cities. This recommendation will further support President Obama's initiative to close down X number of Federal Buildings throughout the country. While this would create expense initially to do this, long range savings would be phenomenal.



Idea No. 18593