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Cut Disability Benefits - Limit Entitlement Criteria

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Disability entitlements are out of control. I am currently separating from the military, and I wish I had a dollar for every time someone strongly encouraged me to report every stubbed toe and bruise to the military docotors so that later down the road I could file a claim to receive disability entitlements. It is like the dirty secret that everyone knows about, yet no one does anything about.



Massive amounts of money are being spent to educate/encourage our veterans to take advantage of the entitlement system as much as possible before they retire/separate. I understand that those wounded in combat should be taken care of, however those disabilities are the rarity in today's VA entitlement system.


We need to limit criteria for which a veteran can claim a service related disability. We need to stop educating our troops on how to game the system when they get out. We need a system that is much smaller, and only tailored to traumatic injuries sustained while on duty performing the job (like workman's compensation).

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