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Culture Change via Incintive

There are thousands of processes in our society that could be made more energy efficient. In this forum, people bring up ideas that concentrate in one area or another...waste, water, electicity, automobiles, ect...The ability to conserve is out there all around us, but the vast majority of people do not participate to the least extent. Why? Are they unaware? Or unmotivated? I think our leadership, local and national, needs to motivate people/businesses to conserve, by mean such as monetary incentive. Leadership also needs to live the example. The lifestyle of the unconservative consumer/producer needs to become too expensive to sustain. If you want companies and indivduals to use less resources, make resources more expensive, and people will find ways to compensate by being more resource effiecient. Indivduals/companies that practice sustainability should be heavily rewarded (financially perhaps), while unsustainable companies and lifestyles should feel the pinch...inevitablly, businesses with lower costs and more earnings will proper, while other companies that are not resource consoius enough will fall by the wayside...the same with lifestyle choices...V8 vehicles will be less of the norm, huge houses with all the lights blazing will decrease, people may prefer to work/shop locally, even have their own gardens/small livestock, their own solar panels, ect. We are a wasteful society...we overconsume and waste so much of what we purchase, creating mountains of waste. This behavior needs to be discouraged, like the crimes of murder and theft are discouraged...for most citizens, it does not pay to murder your neighbor or steal a car...make it so with wastefulness. Monetarily punish the unwanted behaviors, and reward the wanted behaviors. In our society, money is the great motivator, it gets things done, like it or not. Use it as the ultimate tool to encourage resourcefulness/discourage wastefulness. Tax the snot out of inefficiency, it will wane.



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